Recruiting English Writers of Situational Dialogues and Short Stories

Recruiting English Writers of Situational Dialogues and Short Stories

(April 26, 2020 – June 15, 2020)

 Multintel Education & Publishing Ltd, a Vancouver-based Canadian company that specializes in personalized education services and teaching and learning resources development, is now dedicated to developing efficient multimedia English learning software for K-9 students in China and young Chinese nationals as either immigrants or international students in other countries. To accomplish this ambitious and complex program and ensure that the language is authentic and that the contents are interesting and close to student life, we are now recruiting grades 5-12 students from around the globe. Interested and qualified students are encouraged to apply. 


  1. Ability to write creative and interesting conversations around family, school and community environments.
  2. Ability to write short stories suitable for students in grades 3-9.


  1. Obtaining professional guidance in writing;
  2. Having the opportunity to understand the application of animation and artificial intelligence technology in language learning;
  3. Those with skills in acting and dubbing for film and TV will have priority to participating in short film production and animation dubbing;
  4. Obtaining a volunteer certificate. As a unique co-curricular activity, it is conducive to private school applications and university applications;
  5. Adding interesting and meaningful activities to the boring life during the epidemic.


  1. After receiving the application, the expert team will do a preliminary screening. The qualified persons will receive the written notice within 5 working days. Volunteers write 4-6 creative dialogues (6-10 sentences per dialogue) or 2 short stories (50-150 words each) as examples within 10 days upon request. If selected, volunteers, after simple training, write at least 20 original conversations or 5 short stories. After receiving the first draft, it will be reviewed and adapted by a professional editorial team. 
  2. No gathering during the epidemic. Only online and telephone communication.



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Application Form

(Deadline for Application: May 5, 2020)


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Brief description of your related experience or talents including story writing, play acting, cartoon animation, robotics, and dubbing.


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