Dr. Ken Liu

Achievements in English language research and education

Based on his research on English learning for students whose first language is Chinese, with or without natural English immersion, he put forward Concept-Structure Teaching Thought at the 3rd China (Beijing) International English Teaching Conference in 2001.  Ever since, he has invented revolutionary approaches and developed systematic resources for English teaching and learning to boost the general efficiency of improving English competence. English Fast Track program is one of his accomplishments in this respect.


The unique background of educational testing and evaluation

Dr. Liu is an expert in educational evaluation and has extensive experience in test development. He worked with ETS, the world's largest testing and evaluation organization, and made important contributions to the reform of the TOEFL test and the birth of TOEFL Junior. Now he still cooperates with ETS in new assessment technologies. In order to achieve personalized education and effectively guide the design and formulation of personalized courses, Dr. Liu also personally led a professional team to develop diagnostic tests for all levels of SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL iBT, SSAT, English subject assessment, and mathematics subject assessment. A full set of mock test exercises and other efficient resources provide a reliable guarantee for students to achieve the highest score in the shortest time.


Senior student development advisor

Dr. Liu studied three different majors systematically from bachelor’s program to doctoral program. He has a balanced knowledge of liberal arts, sciences, and technology. More importantly, he has cooperated with educational institutions of all levels in the United States, Canada, and China. Therefore, he has a good understanding of the basic education, higher education and postgraduate education systems of the three countries. He is an independent scholar who likes to study topics related to human, such as the law of human thinking, methods of dialectical thinking, human cognition and learning process, the relationship between education and student development, the impact of culture on personal development, business decisions and risks, the nature of language and the acquisition of language mechanisms, and global issues. One of his current research directions is on the comprehensive education and personal development of students with Chinese cultural background.


Dr. Liu is an innovative enterprise elite with rich industry knowledge and international management experience. In the United States, China and Canada, he has held senior management positions and entrepreneurial positions in multinational companies for more than 20 years. He has successively had project cooperation with large enterprises of China, the United States, Canada, and France. In 2014, he founded Multintel Education in Vancouver, Canada, starting a new chapter in personalized education, the most complicated educational practice. By now, hundreds of Chinese families have benefitted from this innovative pilot program

Dr. Liu is a life development planning mentor with a broad international perspective, knowledge and experience. Rich international experience, professional industry knowledge, strong innovation ability, justice and noble character, and unique perspectives and methods for education and talent training make Dr. Liu a rare student development planning mentor of the times! He uses his principles of education and practice to help students change bad habits, improve personal qualities and accomplishments, broaden their horizons, expand the pattern, establish beliefs, and enhance motivation for students, and lay a solid foundation  for academic and professional development. This therefore has become one of the charms of Multintel Education’s planning services!