A Team of Experts

A Team of Experts:

Personalized learning and development are just impossible without the expertise of our talented, creative teachers and educators. Multintel Education works with a group of elites who love education and represent a wide spectrum of subjects and areas in deep education. They have obtained, at a minimum, a master's degree. Many of our teachers are well-known experts and research scholars, possessing outstanding achievements on their resumes. They now practice unique and efficient teaching methods with our students. In all the subjects and programs, our teachers highly emphasize the development of higher-order thinking (analytical thinking, critical thinking, dialectical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, application, etc.)


The Planning Team:

  • As Chief Advisor for Student Development and Planning, expert at mathematics and English competence development, and specialist in test and assessment, Dr. Liu advocates personalized education and teaches students in accordance with their aptitude. Dr. Liu’s expertise includes academic planning for students at all levels, career development planning, thinking skills and decision-making ability (leadership) training, international vision development, and interest and motivation development.

  • Tim Boston 1

    Dr. Tim Boston, our Senior Planning Advisor, educator, and advanced English writing teacher, has 15 years of relevant experience. Dr. Boston’s expertise also includes planning for admissions to Canadian and Australian universities at undergraduate and graduate levels, activity and outstanding skills planning, and expansion of knowledge in social and natural sciences.

  • michelle Mackenzie 1

    Dr. Michelle Mackenzie, Ph.D. in Literature from Duke University in the United States, is a versatile, nice, and patient advisor and essay editor for undergraduate and graduate admissions to both American and Canadian universities. She teaches advanced English writing and helps our students with essay writing and editing.

  • charles

    Charles Wang is an expert at emotional control and habit training.  He has rich experience in motivating students, changing student’s study habits, and improving their communication skills. As a multiple-time champion of Toastmaster public speaking contests, he also helps our students with interview preparation, both for private schools and universities.