Understanding that both educational needs and students themselves are diverse, Multintel Education (ME)employs the pedagogy of “individualized education”, with a focus on prioritizing the intellectual development of our students. With their strengths and talents nurtured, students benefit in developing their future careers.

Our educational practices were developed when our founder Dr. Liu discovered The Theory of Multiple Intelligences in the 1990’s. This theory was originally proposed by Harvard professor Howard Gardner. It provides an insight to innovations in education practice.  The theory indicates that each person has their strong intelligences they can use to their advantage and the intelligences require personalized education to develop fully.

In fact, the name “Multintel” is derived from the phrase “Multiple Intelligences.” Dr. Liu began using this name in 2001. After nearly two decades of practice and research, Multintel Education has accumulated plenty of experience in the development of the following intelligence categories: 

  • Logical and mathematical
  • Speech and language (especially in the English language) 

We also established a unique training system to develop logical and dialectical thinking. Our system is based on the nature and patterns of human cognition and learning process. Our students learn to effectively improve their observation, logical reasoning, spatial imagination, problem-solving ability and language skills.

Multintel Education is honored to apply Professor Gardner 's Theory of Multiple Intelligences to education practices.  We have seen its effects in our educational systems and learned how to supplement it with practical, teachable contents.