Mathematics Subject Planning (MSP)

The mathematics Subject Planning (MSP) is suitable for three categories of students. They are: 

  1. Students who are taking grade 7 math and above and who either don’t excel in mathematics or have difficulty understanding math concepts.
  2. Students in grade 6, or above, who possess mathematical talent. 
  3. Students in grade 8, or above, who hope to accelerate their math course completions. We do so through mathematics planning to make up for the shortcomings of math education in North America. The students in this category can thus prepare early for various post-secondary entrance examinations, such as SAT I, SAT math test level 1 or 2, ACT, IB HL, and AP Calculus. Studying early for these exams also helps to ensure optimal results. 

Multintel Education's Math Fast Track (MFT) program is most suitable for the latter two categories of students noted above.