Canadian Graduate Application

Canadian Graduate Application

Canada can be said to be a country where education is very low-key, pragmatic and of excellent quality. Materials required to apply for graduate studies in Canada include:

Undergraduate grades.

GRE/GMAT scores may be required. Students studying in Canadian institutions as undergraduates are exempt from providing GRE/GMAT scores. However, if the student has excellent GRE/GMAT scores, they can be used to make up for the disadvantage of less outstanding undergraduate scores.

Meet the language scores required by the school.

Personal documents.

● Participate in interviews as required by the school.

● 2-3 letters of recommendation.

Like applying for graduate students in the United States, Canadian institutions also attach great importance to students’ academic performance and past experience, as well as students’ personal interests and development aspirations. The slight difference is that when applying to become a graduate student in a Canadian school, most schools do not require GRE or GMAT scores. This reduces some of the test preparation burden for students who are preparing to apply, but it also raises concerns about the quality of students’ other application materials. higher requirements.

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