Top University Undergraduate Admissions (Canada)
ELL Student Comprehensive Planning

Zoe Z - University of Toronto, Mathematics in Finance and Economics 2017

Planning Program: Comprehensive Planning

In 2017, Zoe was admitted to the University of Toronto, Canada. Zoe began her planning with Multintel Education in the 10th grade, when she was an ELL Transition student. We completed a comprehensive educational evaluation for her. That resulted in our recommendation that she participate in our Comprehensive Development program. Within just a year, Zoe achieved an English score of 91%. Thanks to her new English language strengths, her achievement in other disciplines also rose, ranking her among the best in her class for two consecutive years until graduation. With Multintel Education, Zoe expanded her knowledge and understanding of various subjects. This all stemmed from mastering the basic skills of interpersonal communication. Since then, she has gained newfound confidence. She started as a shy little girl, and grew into a mature, dynamic, shining young adult, with clear goals for her future.