SSAT (Middle/upper Level)

The SAT subject tests are based not on the contents of a university course but on high school-level knowledge in a specific area. It must be noted that due to the various national curriculum standards, sometimes provincial or state courses in the same subject can be different in content. So, students in high school are not necessarily learning everything that these exams test for. In order to get high scores on an SAT subject test, one should be adequately prepared. 

SSAT(Secondary School Admission Test)是早期由美国的十所高中与美国教育考试服务中心ETS合作开发的用于录取学生的考试。现在美国和加拿大很多私立学校(也称独立学校)普遍采用这个标准化考试的成绩作为录取学生的一项重要指标。SSAT考试分为三个级别:

● 初级Lower Level(适合在读的3-4年级学生,分别申请4-5年级,满分1800)

● 中级Middle Level(适合在读的5-7年级学生,分别申请6-8年级,满分2130)

● 高级Upper Level(适合在读的8-11年级学生,分别申请9-12年级,满分2400)

考生比较多的是中级,总分在1320-2130之间。万智教育Ken Liu博士和Tim Boston博士在过去多年的SSAT教学中,总结出独特的教学方法,成功为学生快速提高SSAT成绩找到了捷径,还帮我们规划的学生100%送进了Crofton House School,York House School,St. George’s School,Collingwood School, Mulgrave School等名校。