Academic Strengthening

Mathematics Subject Planning (MSP)

The mathematics Subject Planning (MSP) is suitable for three categories of students. They are:

1.Students who are taking grade 7 math and above and who either don’t excel in mathematics or have difficulty understanding math concepts.
2.Students in grade 6, or above, who possess mathematical talent.

3.Students in grade 8, or above, who hope to accelerate their math course completions. We do so through mathematics planning to make up for the shortcomings of math education in North America. The students in this category can thus prepare early for various post-secondary entrance examinations, such as SAT I, SAT math test level 1 or 2, ACT, IB HL, and AP Calculus. Studying early for these exams also helps to ensure optimal results.

Multintel Education’s Math Fast Track (MFT) program is most suitable for the latter two categories of students noted above.

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English Subject Planning

The ELL Fast Track is a program designed to develop students’ comprehensive English proficiency. It is especially useful for those who come to Canada to study later in childhood (in grade 7 or above). It is a course that has been tested for more than 20 years in our teaching practice. It improves the efficiency of English language learning, thus laying a solid foundation that can benefit students for life.

The main goal of this program is to help non-ESL students improve their English proficiency. Unlike general English tutoring, the program has a longer-term goal, considering both high school English learning, university studies, and career applications. It is a very forward-thinking, capacity development program. The course is taught by our experts with extensive teaching experience in writing skills.

In addition to being crucial for university and postgraduate studies, English writing skills are also important for one’s work and career development. Multintel Education’s senior English teachers each have a minimum of a master’s degree. They also possess an average teaching tenure of more than 15 years. They are the top writing and teaching experts in the Greater Vancouver region. English teachers, such as Ken, Michael, Sam, Tim, and Michelle teach not only high school English writing, but also college-level and postgraduate-level English writing. Those who hope to lay a strong foundation in English writing, whether it is for high school or for college, can count on us for great results.

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