Graduate Application Planning (GAP)

American Graduate School

As we all know, applying to become a graduate student in a prestigious American university requires excellent undergraduate grades, language scores, a personal statement and letters of recommendation that highlight your strengths and personality, and you also need to take standardized tests such as GRE/GMAT, and sometimes you need to attend an interview with the school. On all these critical issues, Multintel Education can help you.

Multintel Education has many years of experience in tutoring GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL exams, and has helped countless students achieve satisfactory results and successfully enter prestigious schools. In addition, it is worth mentioning that when some students have unsatisfactory undergraduate grades, Multintel Education can also help students discover their shining points and find new ways to help students prepare application materials through high GRE/GMAT scores, exciting activities or successfully gain admission through off-campus experience and impressive interview performance.

The following is a typical case:

David J – MIT, Zhi Z – Stanford University

David and Zhi are classmates, studying at UBC. In 2012, two classmates approached Dr. Liu to request a graduate application plan. Dr. Liu first customized the GRE course for the two students. After three summer vacations of joint efforts by teachers and students, the two students achieved good results of 330 points and 332 points respectively. Excellent GRE scores laid the foundation for the two students to enter prestigious schools. However, the fierce competition for admission to graduate schools in prestigious universities is well known. To this end, Dr. Liu strictly controlled the application documents of the two students. The content of the documents not only fully reflected the professional expertise and personality advantages of the two students, but also fully catered to the school’s admissions standards, so that both students were successfully admitted to the world’s top universities. Admission to prestigious schools.

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Canadian Postgraduate School

Similar to applying for graduate students in the United States, Canadian institutions also attach great importance to students’ academic performance and past experience, as well as students’ personal interests and development aspirations. The slight difference is that most Canadian institutions do not require students to provide GRE or GMAT scores, but excellent GRE or GMAT scores can always help applicants increase their competitiveness. On the other hand, not requiring GRE or GMAT scores also means that higher requirements are placed on the quality of students’ other application materials.

Multintel Education has rich experience in GRE and GMAT exam training and can help students quickly improve their scores. Multintel Education also provides efficient language test training, as well as professional essay and interview guidance. At Multintel Education, students can explore their potential, build self-confidence, and gain admission to prestigious schools through comprehensive and professional planning or application services.

The following is a typical case:

Jin L – UBC Sauder School of Business

As an undergraduate, Jin chose a major that he didn’t like, and because of his limited English ability at the time, Jin’s undergraduate results were not ideal, with a GPA of less than 3.0. It is difficult to get admitted to graduate school with such results, but fortunately, Jin found Multintel Education. After evaluation, experts from Multintel Education designed a GRE high score plan for Jin. After expert training and Jin’s own efforts, Jin obtained a high score of 330 points in the GRE exam in just 60 class hours. With excellent GRE scores as a stepping stone, Jin has become much more confident. When preparing for the interview, the instructors from Multintel Education did their best to help Jin prepare detailed questions and answers based on Jin’s own characteristics, and accompanied Jin to practice repeatedly. In the end, Jin was able to gain admission from UBC Business School and Yale University at the same time. Admission notices from two prestigious universities at the university’s business school.

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Graduate Schools in other Countries / Regions

Among the hundreds of outstanding students trained by Multintel Education, there are also successful experiences in applying for postgraduate courses at famous universities in the UK, Australia and Singapore. The admissions standards of various regions and schools are different, but Multintel Education can always help students catch the attention of admissions officers and stand out among many competitors with excellent comprehensive performance.

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