What is planning?

Planning is originally a common concept. Planning refers to the act of putting a goal or goals in writing and accordingly state steps, measures, and actions to achieve the set goal(s). To do many kinds of things, you need to plan first. In education, the concept of planning is a new thing. In the past, because people were more concerned about students going to university, it was generally believed that planning was a university planning. But this concept is much narrower. From childhood to adulthood or from a student to a successful professional, planning seems to be a very important, critical, and complex field. It involves many aspects. Usually, people will simply understand think of all the problems as essential tasks that the school needs to accomplish. In fact, personal comprehensive development far exceeds traditional education. Personalized education is recognized as one of the problems of mankind! Regardless of whether it is planning for further studies, intelligent development planning related to disciplines, thinking planning, habit and personality planning, academic planning, career planning, these are all fields of science that are full of unknowns. The various planning services we have designed are based on advanced scientific research and innovative educational practices. The purpose is to help different students solve various problems in the development process and realize their wishes and goals. This is our exploration and characteristic in in-depth education! Although we are not an academic school in the traditional sense, we are in a leading position in many aspects.

Why do you need planning?

1.Defects in school education

It is impossible to teach students in accordance with their aptitude and thorough individualized education, and students cannot be fully developed and trained. School resources are not only limited, and it is impossible to complete the training and education of children independently. School education is often based on the inertia of the institution. Not up to the needs of the development of the times. Teaching practice is outdated.)

2.The dilemma of family education
Family education and influence are limited. Information and resources are insufficient. Cultivation and comprehensive development are themselves a complicated subject. Parents know something and cannot guarantee time and energy. Many young parents repeat one thing, some succeeding while others failing. You may have invested a lot of time and money, but the result is not what you want. It needs to be handed over to a professional organization.

3.Advantages and benefits of professional institutions 

Allow parents to save worry and effort, and parents do not need to give up their own careers. The direction cannot be wrong, and the child will not ruin the parent-child relationship due to rebellion. Students have advanced mentor (mentor) and have correct guidance on values, behavior habits, etc.


Who should consider planning?

If you or your child has the following issues, you can seriously consider planning.

1. Students want to enter the world’s top universities, such as Ivy Universities (Ivy League)

2. Transfer from a public school to a private school

3. Not long after coming to Canada and the United States, or planning to study here, and eventually hope to be admitted to a prestigious school.

4. Hope to get excellent results in the GRE or GMAT exams and then study for graduate students in prestigious universities, including MBA

5. Mathematics foundation and ability are not strong, hope to strengthen the intellectual ability and academic performance related to mathematics

6. The English foundation (including ELL students) is weak, and I hope to improve my comprehensive English ability, including all kinds of test scores with English content.

7. Poor learning habits, low learning interest, insufficient learning motivation, and average overall academic performance. I hope that there will be a radical change and improvement, and then enter the ideal university and start a career path that I am satisfied with.

Planning Services Available

GoalPlanning ServicesUSACanadaOther
Undergraduate StudiesPrime Comprehensive Planning (PCP)
VIP Comprehensive Planning (VCP)
Academic Planning (AP)
Quality and Skills Planning (QSP)
Excellent Exam Score Planning (EESP)
Graduate StudiesAdmissions and Career Planning (ACP)
Private SchoolsPrivate School Admissions Planning (PSAP)
Special groups and needsPlanning Services
ELL StudentsPCP, VCP, AP, QSP, EESP, ESP, and MSP are all available for ELL students
Academic StrengtheningEnglish Subject Planning (ESP), Math Subject Planning (MSP)
Excellent Test Score PlanningSAT, ACT, SSAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS etc.

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