Popular Planning Services

Prime Comprehensive Planning (PCP)

Prime comprehensive planning is a long-term personal development plan. The purpose is to help students set goals as early as possible, find directions, and make the most efficient efforts on the right path, so that every drop of sweat is not in vain. For example, when helping students prepare for undergraduate applications to prestigious universities in the United States, Multintel Education can discover the unique advantages of children, help them find a major that suits them, and provide early development advice to children to enhance their personal background, which also enhances their ability to be admitted to prestigious schools. In addition to top universities in the United States, we also provide planning services for young children to enter prestigious private schools. Young children enjoy high-quality growth planning from an early age and will be more confident and calmer on the road to future success. Prime planning services include undergraduate application planning, graduate application planning, private school application planning, and ESL/ELL student application planning, etc.

The following is a typical case:

Anna L——Risk Management Major, University of Wisconsin, USA

Anna came to Multintel Education to seek comprehensive planning solutions to admission to prestigious American universities when she was in the 8th grade. Multintel Education gave Anna a comprehensive assessment including one on subject knowledge and skills. It was found that her academic foundation was relatively weak, but Anna herself was very striving to make progress. Based on Anna’s personal situation, Multintel Education created a comprehensive development plan for her. With the joint efforts of our teachers and Anna, Anna’s average score reached 92 points in grade 10, including 97 points in mathematics, 95 points in science, and 91 points in social studies. When Anna graduated from Grade 12, her average score was as high as 95. Due to Anna’s outstanding performance, she was awarded the “Progress Scholarship” by the Vancouver School Board. During the university admissions stage, Anna received acceptance notices from 12 top universities in the United States and Canada. During five years of studying at Multintel Education, Anna acquired many excellent qualities such as good study habits, independent self-awareness, leadership, and decision-making abilities, which all contributed to her success in study and life in the US. She graduated with first place in ranking and a perfect GPA 4.0.

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VIP Comprehensive Planning (VCP)

As often is, students need to improve more than just their English skills. In Multintel Education, students can fully tap their potential, find their shining points, and develop and exercise the areas they are not good at. Multintel Education is committed to cultivating a complete education and focusing on the comprehensive development of students, both in agreement with enrollment requirements of world class universities.

The following is typical successful cases of VIP comprehensive planning in Multintel Education:

Zoe Z – University of Toronto, Canada

Zoe began to receive personalized development planning from Multintel Education in grade 10. At that time, Zoe was a student in the ELL Transition stage. Through our testing and evaluation, experts from Multintel Education recommended Zoe to participate in the comprehensive development program for English reading and writing skills. Only one year after receiving specialized training in this program, Zoe’s English score in school reached 91/100. Zoe also attended the multiple intelligence development program. Through this program, Zoe mastered the laws of human thinking patterns and various debate skills, which greatly increased Zoe’s learning ability. After graduating from high school, Zoe was successfully admitted to the University of Toronto in Canada. As a top-ranking student, she was admitted to the Master’s program in Finance of Rotman School of Business.

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Academic Planning (AP)

When Isabella came to Multintel Education to seek mathematics planning, she was already in the second half of grade 6. Neither her school (a very famous private school) nor various extracurricular tutoring classes could effectively help her improve her mathematics scores. Through our mathematical diagnostic tests and interactive assessments, it was found that Isabella has a strong talent for mathematics, and her observation, reasoning, calculation, and understanding of new concepts are all excellent. After careful planning and teaching by Multintel Education experts, it only took 90 class hours to help Isabella lay a solid foundation in number theory, plane and solid geometry, and elementary algebra. By the time Isabella was in eighth grade, she had not only completed all the mathematics courses from grades 7 to 11, but also expanded the scope and deepened the difficulty based on school mathematics, such as the mathematics in GRE and GMAT (two types of postgraduate examinations). Isabella can complete all the questions very easily. Therefore, because Isabella’s mathematical potential was fully developed and her mathematical knowledge was complete, Isabella won first place in the school in the high school entrance examination and the Canadian Gauss Competition, and successfully entered the school’s mathematics Honor class.

Peihong Z is an international student who came to Vancouver to study in Grade 9. After testing and evaluation, we found that his problem is that his English foundation is weak, and he also needs to make up for the relevant English in mathematics learning. Based on Peihong’s personal situation, we designed a personalized fast-track course for him. With our careful planning, Peihong completed all the mathematics content from grades 9 to 12 in just 110 class hours (a little more than a year). At the same time, he also strengthened his SAT mathematics study, which enabled Peihong to get a perfect score in mathematics when he took the SAT test for the first time in the first half of grade 10.

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Quality and Skills Planning (QSP)

For students, learning is not all of life. Students should also look globally, participate in more useful extracurricular activities, and improve personal qualities and multi-faceted skills.

Multintel Education emphasizes the development of students’ multiple intelligences and specialties, the cultivation of excellent qualities and the training of practical skills. Therefore, we always use all our conditions to help students achieve comprehensive development.

Multintel Education can propose efficient and practical quality and skill training plans based on students’ specific conditions. Multintel Education cooperates with a number of institutions to provide speech, debate, golf, tennis, basketball, football, fencing, painting, volunteering, academic competitions, international activities, technology competitions and many other activity opportunities, as well as business decision-making, entrepreneurship, analysis A variety of courses to train students’ comprehensive abilities, including dialectical thinking ability and skills, international relations and global perspective.

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