Undergraduate Admissions

American Universities

Outstanding students with excellent academic performance can often be admitted top Canadian universities, such as the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia.

However, the requirements of American Universities can be stricter than those in Canada. American universities use a holistic assessment method to evaluate many aspects of the applicant.

Multintel Education’s experts have been consulting on American university applications since the 1990s. Using our expert academic planning, tutoring, and guidance, a countless number of students have been able to attend major US universities. These have included Harvard University, Columbia University, University of California at Berkeley, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Cornell University, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, and other top schools.

We should also note that American university planning and application consulting services are not only suitable for outstanding students. Those with average scores, or even ESL/ELL students, can enter American elite schools. The key to successful admittance is a high-quality application.

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Canadian Universities

Canadian University Application Planning (CUAP) is different from American University Application Planning. Though the process is relatively simple, the top-ranking departments and schools, such as engineering, business schools, are still very competitive.

Canadian university entrants are usually determined for their potential by grades 11 and 12. Students are measured not just on academic performance, but also by their participation in various activities.

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Universities in other countries/regions

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