Undergraduate Admissions

American Universities

The undergraduate admission requirements of prestigious American universities are relatively strict. American universities usually use a holistic assessment method to measure an applicant’s potentials in all aspects. Therefore, in addition to excellent test scores, experience in participating in various activities and outstanding abilities, skills and qualities established through activities are also important factors to be considered when enrolling in American universities. For more than ten years, the expert team of Multintel Education has been providing professional consultation, planning, application guidance, interview guidance, career development planning and other comprehensive services to students from Canada, the United States, China, and other parts of the world. Through the professional and responsible consulting and services of our experts, hundreds of students have entered their ideal academic palaces, including MIT, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of California at Berkeley, Northwestern University, and Yale University. It is worth mentioning that many students whose academic performances in school were not outstanding, especially ELL students whose native language is not English, have successfully entered elite schools in the United States. The key to their successful admission is attributed to our personalized development planning service and high-quality applications.

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Canadian Universities

It is relatively easy for students studying in Canadian high schools to apply to Canadian universities. However, the competition among applicants for popular majors in several well-known universities is also very fierce. Colleges and universities generally evaluate students’ learning capacity and potentials by looking at their academic performance in the senior years, plus their participation in social practice, various competitions and activities, etc., to make a comprehensive assessment on the student. Therefore, helping students improve their grades, discover their strengths, improve their abilities, and prepare a wealth of application materials for students has always been the focus of Multintel Education.

Through the help of Multintel Education, many students, especially ELL students whose native language is not English, have successfully entered the ideal academic palace. Multintel Education’s unique advantages in efficiently improving performance and developing students’ potential have made Multintel Education an industry leader and a “direct train to prestigious schools” trusted by parents and students.

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Universities in other countries/regions

Among the hundreds of outstanding students trained by Multintel Education, there are also successful experiences in applying to famous universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore. The admissions standards of various regions and schools are different, but Multintel Education can always help students catch the attention of admissions officers and stand out among many competitors with excellent comprehensive performance.

It should not be ignored that preparing for undergraduate applications should not be a one-time thing, but often requires long-term preparation. Comprehensive preparation based on the guidance of professionals in the early stages of high school can make students’ path to a prestigious school easier.

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