About us

Why Multintel?

Multintel Education (ME) is:

● More than 10 years of educational planning experience in prestigious North American schools

● More than 30 years of cross-cultural education and teaching experience

● Hundreds of successful cases of personalized education planning and training

Our Services

● High-end comprehensive planning and VIP personal planning

● Applications to prestigious schools (top private school applications, U.S. undergraduate applications, Canadian undergraduate applications, graduate student applications, etc.)

● Subject tutoring, exam breakthroughs

● Consulting and solving of special problems

● Intelligent diagnostic platform testing and practice

Our Mission

Understanding that both educational needs and students themselves are diverse, Multintel Education (ME)employs the pedagogy of “individualized education”, with a focus on prioritizing the intellectual development of our students. With their strengths and talents nurtured, students benefit in developing their future careers.

The word “Multintel” in the name of Multintel Education is a combination of the phrase “Multiple Intelligences”, which represents the educational philosophy that our team has always pursued, that is, the way students learn and obtain information is always diverse, and educators should focus on developing students’ knowledge and skills. The advantageous intelligence of educators enables the educated to exploit their strengths and avoid weaknesses and give full play to their personal talents in their personal learning and career development. This concept comes from the important psychological theory-Multiple Intelligences (Multiple Intelligences) proposed by Professor Howard Gardner of Harvard University. Professor Gardner pointed out that the development of human intelligence should not be limited to the development of IQ, but also requires the development of the following intelligences: Verbal/Linguistic, Logical/Mathematical, Visual/Spatial, and Body Movement. Bodily/Kinesthetic, Musical/Rhythmic, Inter-personal/Social, Intra-personal/Introspective, Naturalist (added by Gardner in 1999). According to Professor Gardner’s theory, different people should have different combinations of intelligence. For example, the internationally famous martial artist Bruce Lee has strong body-kinesthetic intelligence, the building designer has strong spatial intelligence, the thinker and philosopher has strong intrapersonal intelligence, and the environmental protection and biologist have strong natural observation intelligence, etc. Then, while developing students’ intelligence, we must realize that every student has certain outstanding intelligences. When students fail to catch up in other aspects, students should be guided to use their strengths to learn instead of letting students lose their ability. Be punished.

Another important educational concept of Multintel Education is in-depth education. This concept is an extension of the concept of deep learning, which means that according to Bloom’s educational classification goals, Multintel Education not only emphasizes the memorization and understanding of knowledge like traditional school education, but also pays more attention to training students’ higher-order thinking, such as application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation skills. In addition, Multintel Education pursues an education method that cultivates students into complete human beings. While cultivating students’ academic abilities, Multintel Education also attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ non-intellectual factors, such as broad vision, superb decision-making ability, and optimism and self-confidence. personal qualities, etc.

Therefore, Multintel Education is based on the educational laws of human diversified development, and always practices the educational goal of developing personal potential through personalized education methods and maximizing personal advantages.

After more than 20 years of practice and research, Multintel Education has accumulated a lot of experience in developing logical and mathematical intelligence and English language ability and has established a unique training system in human thinking patterns, logical thinking, and dialectical thinking. Multintel Education can help students effectively improve their abilities of observation, logical reasoning, spatial imagination, problem solving, and language concept construction based on the nature of human cognition and learning. Multintel Education is honored to be able to apply and practice Professor Gardner’s famous theory of multiple intelligences in education.


Dr. Liu is a life development planning mentor with a broad international perspective, knowledge and experience. Rich international experience, professional industry knowledge, strong innovation ability, justice and noble character…

A Team of Experts

Personalized learning and development are just impossible without the expertise of our talented, creative teachers and educators. Multintel Education works with a group of elites who love education and represent a wide spectrum of subjects and areas in deep education. They have obtained, at a minimum, a master’s degree. Many of our teachers are well-known experts and research scholars, possessing outstanding achievements on their resumes. They now practice unique and efficient teaching methods with our students. In all the subjects and programs, our teachers highly emphasize the development of higher-order thinking (analytical thinking, critical thinking, dialectical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, application, etc.)