Math for Contests

American Math Competitions

As we all know, participating in mathematics competitions is a great aid for applying to world-renowned universities. We are focused on creating a competitive learning community that fosters excellence in mathematics. Whether you are new to math or are looking to improve your math skills, our classes provide unique opportunities for those who are adventurous and challenging.

Here, students will get:

Professional guidance: Our courses are taught by an ace teacher who has specialized in American mathematics competitions for many years. He will guide students to master the key concepts and techniques of competition mathematics.

Personalized learning: We are committed to meeting the needs of each student and ensuring that students reach their full potential through personalized tutoring and course arrangements.

Competition preparation: Our course content covers all levels of American mathematics competitions, from AMC 8 to AIME and USAMO, helping students to be fully prepared for competitions.

Challenging problems: We will lead students to explore mathematics in depth, solve complex and exciting mathematical problems, and cultivate students’ mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Academic socialization: Study together with like-minded classmates, share experiences, build lasting friendships, and stimulate each other’s academic enthusiasm.