American Private Schools

American Private Schools

The top private schools in the United States often have a century-old history. Their reputations are widely spread throughout North American society. Their alumni reserves are strong, and they are at the top of society. They are inexhaustible treasures. The strong alumni alliance and the virtuous cycle of “helping and mentoring” also enable more than half of the top private graduates to attend world-renowned universities such as the Ivy League in the United States. It is foreseeable that they will have a high probability of having an enviable career in the future.

Overview of the Private School Application Process

●  Take TOEFL and the American Private High School Admissions Test (SSAT).

●  Choose a suitable school based on personal conditions and characteristics, considering multiple aspects.

●  Prepare personal application materials according to the materials list required by the school.

●  Fill out the application form for your favorite high school and mail it to the school.

●  Application materials include parent or guardian questionnaire, student questionnaire, and teacher recommendation letters.

●  Academic transcripts, IBT/SSAT/SLEP scores, and proof of financial resources in the past two years.

●  Students may be asked to attend a telephone or on-site interview; if qualified, students will receive an admission notice.

Private schools in North America generally measure and examine whether a student is excellent in the following four aspects: academics, talent, sports and social responsibility. The better the school, the stricter the requirements. Therefore, when applying to top private schools, in addition to hard indicators such as grades as a steppingstone, you also need to match soft skills in terms of quality.

The so-called soft power refers to, in addition to academic performance (in North America, it refers to quantifiable indicators such as IELTS, SSAT, GPA, and SAT), which can prove one’s performance in aspects such as diversity contribution to the campus community, comprehensive quality, and success potential. This is also the most important aspect of top private schools, because the better private schools are, the more they work hard to cultivate students’ soft skills.

“Creating core competitiveness” is the application skills that combine soft and hard skills to allow students to stand out in the fierce competition.

Every child must have his own shining point. How to conduct professional and efficient insight and exploration of applicants, combined with in-depth understanding of each top private school, and then find the most suitable combination point, and finally present it in a touching way.  This whole process is a great test of the insights, knowledge and polishing skills of study abroad consultants. This is exactly the area that Multintel Education specializes in.