British Undergraduate Application​

British Undergraduate Application

Students who want to apply for a British undergraduate degree often need to study A-level courses. When applying, they need to provide the school with high school transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements, IELTS transcripts, and sometimes a resume.

If you have not studied A-level courses, students who directly apply for a British undergraduate degree from overseas may need to take a one-year preparatory course (Foundation) first. The duration of this course is half a year to one year, most of which are one year, for better connection. Established for undergraduate courses. British preparatory courses can help overseas students make up for the differences in the education systems between their country of origin and the UK, and help students better adapt to higher education in the UK. Usually, a preparatory course consists of one or more subjects. Some of the courses are basic courses related to the majors studied at the university, while the other part teaches courses such as study skills.

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