Top University Undergraduate Admissions (Canada)
Prime Comprehensive Planning

Alice Y - UBC 2022

Planning Program: Prime Comprehensive Planning

Alice started planning in 10th grade. Alice's parents attach great importance to their children's education and cultivation. In family education, Alice's parents also put a lot of energy into making Alice a very polite, respectful, and communicative child. Because of her sensibility, Alice knew what her parents expected of her, but this gradually turned into pressure in her heart. There is an old Chinese saying that haste makes waste. There are objective laws in educating or cultivating children. It can even be said that teaching students in accordance with their individuality and achieving ideal results are a very complicated matter, which cannot be achieved only by desire. On the recommendation of a friend, the family came to us for help. We studied Alice's situation very carefully and finally accepted Alice as a student in our program. Through the joint efforts of Alice herself, her parents, the school and us, Alice was admitted to the top Canadian universities that she applied to in 2022, and finally chose UBC, her dream school. Under the epidemic situation, UBC admission is more difficult than ever. Such a perfect result makes everyone happy for Alice!