Top University Undergraduate Admissions (Canada)
Prime Comprehensive Planning

Alice Y - UBC 2022

Planning Program: Prime Comprehensive Planning

Alice is a very polite and sensible student. Alice's parents came to Multintel Education to plan Alice's development when she was in grade 10. Through the testing and evaluation of Alice and multiple communications with Alice’s family, we gradually learned that Alice’s parents attach great importance to Alice’s education and have high expectations for Alice. However, these heavy efforts and expectations from parents have brought a lot of invisible pressure to Alice. As the saying goes, "Haste makes waste". There are objective laws for children's growth and education, and it is a very complicated process. Moreover, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude according to their individual differences to achieve the desired results requires time and skills. After the experts from Multintel Education carefully studied Alice's situation, they specially customized several courses, extracurricular activities and psychological counseling programs for Alice. Through the joint efforts of Alice, her parents, and the Multintel Education team, Alice was finally successfully admitted to UBC, Canada's top university, in 2022!