Top University Undergraduate Admissions (USA)
Prime Comprehensive Planning

Anna L - University of Wisconsin 2018

Planning Program: Prime Comprehensive Planning

In 2018, Anna was admitted to the University of Wisconsin at Madison, to study Risk Management, a program that ranked top 3 in the US. When Anna was in the 8th grade,she began her educational planning with Multintel Education. After a disciplinary assessment of her overall academic performance, it was found that her foundations were weak. But, Anna had strong pursuit and a desire to progress towards her goals with determination. Multintel Education provided Anna with a comprehensive, personal development plan. By the end of her 10th grade, Anna 's average score among seven courses rose to 92%, including 97 points in mathematics, 87 points in English, 95 points in science and 91 points in sociology.

When she graduated in the 12th grade, her average score reached 95 points. She was awarded the “Progress Scholarship” by the Vancouver School Board (VSB). The comprehensive training she underwent with Multintel Education has also made her more adaptable to college life. Her university-level academic performance is showing straight A’s, with a GPA of 4.0. She also became a main leader of international activities at the University of Wisconsin.