Top University Undergraduate Admissions (USA)
Prime Comprehensive Planning

Anna L - University of Wisconsin 2018

Planning Program: Prime Comprehensive Planning

Anna came to Multintel Education when she was in the 8th grade to seek comprehensive planning solutions for world-famous schools. At that time, after a diagnostic evaluation by Multintel Education, it was found that her knowledge base was relatively weak, but Anna herself was very striving to make progress. Based on Anna’s personal situation, Multintel Education created a comprehensive development plan for her. With the joint efforts of teachers and Anna, Anna's average score reached 92 points in grade 10, including 97 points in mathematics, 95 points in science, and 91 points in social studies. When Anna graduated from Grade 12, her average score was as high as 95. Due to Anna's outstanding performance, she was awarded the "Progress Scholarship" by the Vancouver School Board. During the university admissions stage, Anna received admission notices from 12 top universities in the United States and Canada. During several years of studying at Multintel Education, Anna has acquired many excellent qualities such as good study habits, independent self-awareness, and leadership and decision-making abilities, which have enabled her to cope with her study and life at university, ranking first in university. She received all A scores in 2015, with a perfect GPA of 4.0. She is also one of the main leaders of international activities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.