Top University Undergraduate Admissions (Canada)
Comprehensive Planning

Clark Z - UBC - Engineering 2021

Planning program: Comprehensive Planning

Clark's parents attach great importance to their children's education. They found Multintel Education when Clark was in 9th grade, hoping that we could help Clark improve his grades. Prior to this, Clark's parents had also looked for various other education and tutoring institutions, but the results were not satisfactory because Clark himself seriously lacked the desire and determination to learn. What is different from other institutions is that when we took Clark's English diagnostic test paper, we found that he was very serious when correcting errors in the article and was able to repeatedly consider various options. Our teachers think Clark has great potential in English writing! Therefore, we decided to equip Clark with a team of teachers. With the cooperation of teachers and Clark himself, Clark's grades improved rapidly. He switched to the IB curriculum in grade 11 and ranked among the best. Upon graduation, Clark achieved a high score of 42 points (out of 45 points). After graduation, Clark successfully entered UBC's engineering major, which was close to home.