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Davina Z - University of California-Berkeley 2019

Planning Program: University Application Planning

Davina's time for school application planning is very tight, and her time to study in North America is also relatively short. In grade 10, Davina came to Canada to attend high school. It was in the last semester of grade 11 that Davina came to us to start planning. At this time, due to time constraints, Davina had no time to take the AP exam held by the College Board. Therefore, this made it more difficult for Davina to apply for prestigious schools. With time so tight and Davina not having participated in many activities, Multintel Education provided her with a personalized learning plan and extracurricular activity planning. After careful guidance from Wanzhi’s teachers, coupled with Davina’s personal talent and hard work, in less than half a year, Davina achieved impressive results in IELTS, ACT, SAT Math Level 2 and SAT Physics exams. Coupled with the various activities that Multintel Education added to Davina’s experience, Davina was finally admitted to her dream school, the University of California, Berkeley, in 2019.