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High School Academic Plannin

Emily T – University of Michigan at Ann Arbor 2020

Planning Program: High School Academic Planning

Emily wanted to apply to universities in the United States, but Emily's academic performance was never very satisfactory, so Emily came to Multintel Education for help when she was in 10th grade. Emily was studying in a school that offered IB courses, but the IB higher level courses made Emily feel a little challenged, especially the study of science subjects. After undergoing Multintel Education's diagnostic assessment, Emily's weak points were exposed. In order to help Emily achieve her goal of entering higher education, Multintel Education has formulated a detailed improvement plan for Emily and selected teachers who focus on cultivating learning abilities to provide careful guidance to Emily. It turns out that Emily has made rapid progress, and she herself said that she felt very relaxed when preparing for the SAT exam, which shows that Emily's learning ability has been greatly improved. In the end, Emily successfully graduated with excellent results and was admitted to many famous American universities. Based on Emily’s own interests, we recommended that Emily choose the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.