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High School Academic Plannin

Emily T – University of Michigan at Ann Arbor 2020

Planning Program: High School Academic Planning

Emily came to Multintel Education at the beginning of Year 10 seeking help with her academic performance. Because she planed to apply to American universities, GPA was critically important. If she fails to meet the basic requirements, the chance of applying to prestigious schools will be very small. Her parents were very anxious and begged us to help her quickly improve her science studies to excellent and achieve excellent results in SAT and related AP exams.

Emily was studying in an IB school, and the higher level courses were challenging for her. We diagnosed and assessed her thoroughly and found her weaknesses. In order to achieve the goals of students and parents, we formulated a detailed plan and selected experienced teachers. While paying attention to the learning of subject knowledge, we also emphasize the cultivation of her learning ability. As a result, she took it easy on her SAT prep. In the end, Emily graduated with honors and was successfully admitted to many prestigious American universities. Because she likes sociology, we ended up suggesting that she go to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.