Top University Undergraduate Admissions (Canada)
ELL Student Academic Planning

Holly L – Waterloo University, Mathematics Department 2015

Planning Program: ELL Student Academic Planning

Holly came to Vancouver to attend high school in Grade 11. Prior to this, Holly studied in a well-known high school in China. Therefore, Holly has a solid knowledge base and strong self-discipline. However, since she has only been in Vancouver for a short period of time, her limited English proficiency has made it more difficult for Holly to learn various courses. Therefore, Holly came to Multintel Education to quickly improve her overall English ability, especially her writing ability. Under the careful guidance of teachers from Multintel Education, Holly completed the three-year English learning content for grades 10-12 in just one year and passed the IELTS and the provincial English exam for grade 12 with high scores. When applying to college, English is no longer a barrier for Holly. Holly is free to choose her favorite major and pursue her own academic and career path. Finally, Holly chose to major in mathematics at the University of Waterloo and is now an employee of a large financial company in Canada.