Mathematics Potential Development Planning

Isabelle W

Planning program: Mathematics Potential Development Planning

When Isabella came to Multintel Education to seek mathematics planning, she was already in the second half of grade 6. Neither her school (a very famous private school) nor various extracurricular tutoring classes could effectively help her improve her mathematics scores. Through our mathematical diagnostic tests and interactive assessments, it was found that Isabella has a strong talent for mathematics, and her observation, reasoning, calculation, and understanding of new concepts are all excellent. After careful planning and teaching by Multintel Education experts, it only took 90 class hours to help Isabella lay a solid foundation in number theory, plane and solid geometry, and elementary algebra. By the time Isabella was in eighth grade, she had not only completed all the mathematics courses from grades 7 to 11, but also expanded the scope and deepened the difficulty based on school mathematics, such as the mathematics in GRE and GMAT (two types of postgraduate examinations). Isabella can complete all the questions very easily. Therefore, because Isabella’s mathematical potential was fully developed and her mathematical knowledge was complete, Isabella won first place in the school in the high school entrance examination and the Canadian Gauss Competition, and successfully entered the school’s mathematics Honor class.