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Mathematics and Physics Subject Planning

Jessica C - Columbia University 2019

Planning Program: Mathematics and Physics Subject Planning.

Jessica is a smart and hard-working student, and her family has set high goals for her future. However, the school she attended could not fully meet her learning needs in mathematics and physics. In grade 11, Jessica came to Multintel Education to seek planning solutions. Dr. Liu developed an advanced learning plan for her based on her learning ability. Jessica studied 12th grade mathematics and physics in advance in 11th grade, and studied SAT mathematics and physics under the guidance of professional teachers. This personalized training gave full play to Jessica's advantages, making her mathematics and physics scores better than those in 11th grade. He has always maintained the first place in grade 11 and grade 12 and obtained a perfect score in mathematics in the SAT exam, with a total score of 1550 points. After graduating from high school, Jessica was successfully admitted to Columbia University in the United States!