Graduate Admissions (Canada)

Jin L - UBC Sauder School of Business.

Planning Project: Graduate Admissions Planning (Canada)

As an undergraduate, Jin chose a major that he didn't like, and because of his limited English ability at the time, Jin's undergraduate results were not ideal, with a GPA of less than 3.0. It is difficult to get admitted by any graduate school with such results, but fortunately, Jin found Multintel Education. After evaluation, experts from Multintel Education designed a GRE high score plan for Jin. After expert training and Jin's own efforts, Jin obtained a high score of 330 points in the GRE exam in just 60 class hours. With excellent GRE scores as a steppingstone, Jin has become much more confident. When preparing for the interview, the instructors from Multintel Education did their best to help Jin prepare detailed questions and answers based on Jin's own characteristics and accompanied Jin to practice repeatedly. In the end, Jin was able to gain admission from UBC Business School and Yale University at the same time. Admission notices from two prestigious universities at the university's business school.