Graduate Admissions Planning (USA)​

Leah L - Harvard University

Planning Program: Graduate Studies Admissions Package.

Leah received her undergraduate degree from New York University, majoring in Public Health. When she was in her third year of college, Leah came to Multintel Education, hoping to plan her graduate application. Multintel Education provided Leah with a comprehensive assessment and guidance. Based on the evaluation results, we believe that Leah’s undergraduate grades are excellent, and she has strong English writing skills, making her suitable for entering top universities. In order to make Leah's path to a prestigious school more secure, Multintel Education suggested that Leah provide additional GRE scores to the school. In Multintel Education's intensive GRE class, Leah's GRE scores improved rapidly after only 55 class hours. In the end, Leah received admission notices from Stanford University and Harvard University due to her excellent performance in all aspects.