Graduate Admissions (Canada)

Planning Project: Graduate Admissions Planning (MBA).

Paddy G - UIUC – Finance 2012

Paddy graduated from Simon Fraser University in Canada, majoring in marketing and minoring in finance. Because he participated in many off-campus activities during his undergraduate period, Paddy's undergraduate results were not very satisfactory. Therefore, Paddy did not directly apply for graduate school after graduation. Instead, he entered a bank and worked in funds. A few years later, in order to become an excellent fund manager, Paddy wanted to study for a master's degree in finance in the United States. With the planning and help of Multintel Education, Paddy achieved a GMAT score of 710. Later, Multintel Education prepared high-quality application materials for Paddy and helped him carefully prepare for interviews. In the end, Paddy was successfully admitted to the University of Illinois, which ranked among the top ten in finance. Paddy has now taken up the position of vice president of a large multinational investment company in Shanghai.