Graduate Admissions Planning (USA)

Ranran X - Master of Accountancy, UIUC

Ranran graduated from a general university in Tianjin, China, majoring in accounting. Ranran once came to Vancouver as an exchange student, so Ranran learned about Multintel Education. After evaluation by Multintel Education, it was found that Ranran’s undergraduate performance was not outstanding. However, in order to help Ranran apply for a better school, Dr. Liu from Multintel Education decided to improve Ranran’s competitiveness from multiple aspects. First, with the help of Multintel Education, Ranran took the GMAT exam for the first time and got a good score of 710 points. Then, Dr. Liu helped Ranran carefully craft his application documents, highlight his strengths and advantages, impress the admissions officer with details, and finally received an admission letter from the University of Illinois' accounting major. Ranran and her family were very excited to receive this result and are very grateful to Multintel Education.