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General Academic Planning

Sophia B - New York University (NYU) 2019

Planning Program: General Academic Planning

Sophia is good at sports but has difficulty studying various subjects in school. When Sophia was in grade 11, she came to Multintel Education. Multintel Education provided her with the best team of teachers and the most personalized tutoring and arranged for her to participate in a self-management ability development program. Through learning and training at Multintel Education, Sophia has tapped into her own potential, mastered efficient learning methods, improved her self-understanding, and greatly enhanced her self-confidence. One year later, her grades in math, physics, chemistry, biology, and English at school have all improved significantly. On the SAT, she only got two questions wrong on the math section. Due to Sophia's excellent performance and her own sports talents, Sophia was finally successfully admitted to New York University, a prestigious school in the United States.