Graduate Admissions Planning (Canada)

Tina X - UBC MBA 2016

Tina X studied in an ordinary college in Jiangsu Province, China, and hopes to immigrate to Canada after working in China for a few years. “I searched online and found that Multintel Education is a professional organization in graduate application and planning and a well-known and experienced planning organization in Vancouver, so I came here for advice and help.” According to Tina's personal situation, Dr. Liu made a plan for Tina, integrating "examination preparation, application, and immigration". Through the joint efforts of Dr. Liu and Tina herself, she got a high score of 740 points in the GMAT test, far exceeding the requirements for admission to the UBC MBA. At the same time, Dr. Liu used his rich experience help Tina prepare for the TOEFL test and scored 108 points in one attempt! During the application and interview process, Dr. Liu also gave careful guidance.Tina was finally admitted to UBC's business school to pursue an MBA degree!