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Vivian Z - Harvard University 2019

Planning Program: Mathematics Subject Planning

Vivian has a good knowledge base and study habits and is smart and eager to learn. Vivian is good at English, French writing and debating. In grade 11, she joined the BC provincial debate team; in grade 12, she joined the Canadian national debate team. She also has high artistic literacy and is the principal cellist of the school band. Because she spent more time participating in extracurricular activities, her academic performance was affected, especially in mathematics and physics, so she came to Multintel Education for help. With the help of education expert Dr. Liu, Vivian quickly mastered the essentials of learning mathematics. In just two months, Vivian's mathematics scores improved by leaps and bounds. She immediately reached the top spot in the grade and remained there until she graduated. Vivian also performed well in the SAT exam, receiving a perfect score in the math section and a total score of 1560. Good results not only brought joy to Vivian, but also increased her confidence. In the end, with Vivian's excellent comprehensive strength, Vivian successfully entered Harvard University, the highest university in the world.