Math Fast Track (MFT)

Math Fast Track (MFT)

The “Fast Track Mathematics” course is taught by Multintel Education mathematics experts. It is a course for students with intermediate or above mathematical ability. The purpose is to help students lay a solid foundation in mathematics in the shortest teaching time, ensure that there are no blind spots in knowledge, and let students learn to use Mathematical methods for reasoning and solving practical problems. The Math Express Track is divided into multiple levels, starting with the foundation of mathematics in grades 8, 9, 10, and 11.

Advantages of Math Fast Track:

1. Make up for the shortcomings of middle school mathematics education in British Columbia and even North America, provide students with systematic knowledge sorting and the cultivation of logical thinking, so that students can pass school exams and various entrance examinations (including SAT, SAT math tests, ACT, mathematics competitions) Obtain high scores in the course and lay a solid foundation for the study of advanced mathematics.

2. It helps skip math grades in school, shortens the time spent studying math at school, and thus buys more time for college applications and extracurricular activities.

3. Emphasize both performance and ability. During the course learning process, students’ learning abilities and practical problem-solving abilities, including observation, problem analysis, logical reasoning, flexible thinking and decision-making abilities, etc., will be well trained. These abilities are often more important than test scores and can benefit students throughout their lives.