Math for Standardized Tests

Math for Standardized Tests

Math training for the SAT and ACT is one of the strongest areas of Multintel’s exam prep courses. To demonstrate our advantage in this area, the vast majority of our students who participate in our program for 30-40 hours achieve a perfect score on these tests.

The difference is that, instead of just learning to answer questions in a formulaic way, we explain key knowledge points to achieve full understanding of what is being asked. We also provide the appropriate amount of practice to learn proper analytical reasoning.

Our results speak for themselves. For example, students Vivian Z and Jessica C got SAT test scores of 1560 and 1550 points. That laid the foundation for their entrances into Harvard University and Columbia University.

SSAT ML math sections

SSAT UL math sections

SAT math sections

SAT Math Subject Test Level 2

ACT math sections

GMAT quantitative reasoning

GRE quantitative reasoning