the instructions for a free diagnostic assessment/test

Self-adaptive questions

This assessment uses the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to change level of difficulty of questions and the total number of questions based on how well you do on the must-do questions. This feature ensures the diagnosis and report are accurate and valid in helping you choosing a class or improving your performance for the future.


Because of the feature of self-adaptability of questions, the total time of this assessment is flexible. A total of 60 minutes is set for the whole test. However, the actual time you use for your test is recorded and will be a factor in evaluating your performance.


For all math tests, no calculator is needed or allowed. Any use of a calculator of any kind may affect your report, resulting an invalid analysis.

Scoring and Report

After you writing of the assessment, we will not score on the test. Instead, we offer you several reports with statistics and analysis instantly after you submit your assessment. The reports and analysis will be used for your reference and our planning services to you.