Undergraduate Programs in Other Countries/Regions​

Undergraduate Application in Other Countries/Regions

Australian undergraduate colleges widely accept applications from students from all over the world. Whether students study AP courses, IB courses, A-level courses, or other high school courses in high school, you can use the corresponding scores to apply for Australian undergraduate courses.

In addition to high school grades, another important admission requirement is language proficiency. Multintel Education has many years of IELTS training experience and uses high-quality test preparation materials and test training experts to effectively ensure students’ score. In terms of tutoring for AP courses or IB courses, Multintel Education is also a leader in the industry. Multintel Education focuses on the development of students’ abilities. Students who have studied in Multintel Education are better able to adapt to the pace of university study and take control of their own lives. At Multintel Education, students can explore their potential, build self-confidence, and gain admission to prestigious schools through comprehensive and professional planning or application services.