University English Writing

University English Writing

This course introduces students to the practices of reading and writing in scholarly contexts. Students will read and analyze scholarly journal articles from a variety of disciplines. They will also develop their abilities to compose in the genres and sub-genres of scholarly writing, including incorporating research and documentation in a grammatically correct style.


After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

• Explain the relationship between style and the rhetorical situation of writing.

 Conduct critical analyses of a variety of texts from different disciplines by identifying and evaluating main ideas, dominant rhetorical patterns, and social and academic context.

 Employ a developmental process for writing that includes planning, organizing, researching, drafting, and editing.

 Compose different types of scholarly writing, e.g., summary, critical summary, literature review.

 Find and evaluate appropriate source material using a variety of search strategies;

 Document research material accurately using an appropriate documentation system, such as APA.

 Edit writing to ensure clear cohesive language, unified coherent paragraphs, and effective organizational structure.