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Mathematics Subject Planning

Brad P – Life Science, Toronto University 2020

Planning Program: Mathematics Subject Planning

Brad is a goal-oriented and hard-working student. His interest is to study science and engineering related majors, but his math scores are always not ideal. He is worried that a poor foundation in mathematics will affect his future study of other science and engineering subjects and college. Admission. So, Brad came to us in the middle of 11th grade to seek a learning plan for mathematics. Dr. Liu personally received Brad and started tutoring him in mathematics. After several weeks of teaching and observation, Dr. Liu believed that Brad had certain mathematical learning abilities. Based on Brad's personal conditions, Dr. Liu formulated a very detailed and targeted training plan, which corrected Brad's misunderstandings about basic concepts, properties, theorems, etc., and greatly improved Brad's overall observation, algebraic transformation, Important abilities such as logical reasoning. After 50 hours of intensive study, Brad has completed all the mathematics content for grades 11 and 12 and achieved excellent scores of 96 and 98 in the school exam. Brad became confident as a result, and Brad's parents were very grateful for our efforts.