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ELL Student Comprehensive Planning

Maggie W - School of Visual Arts, New York 2019

Planning Program: ELL Student Comprehensive Planning

Maggie studied in a public school in Vancouver's West End and came to Multintel Education for academic help when she was in grade 9. She was in the ELL Level 2 class at the time, and her English foundation was very weak, and she was afraid of writing. After diagnostic test evaluation, we found that Maggie's English vocabulary is very limited, her understanding of language structure and rhetoric is very little, and she has basically not formed any brain language mechanism for using English. Based on Maggie's actual situation, the language education experts of Multintel Education formulated a detailed plan for cultivating English language mechanism (Language Mechanism) for her and began to provide her with special training in English learning. By the second half of Maggie's tenth grade, her comprehensive English ability had been significantly improved, and she was becoming more and more fond of English writing. She was able to write articles in various styles and themes with smooth language and sentence structure. It is complex and diverse, the wording is elegant, the article structure is logical, the ideas are clear, and the paragraphs develop naturally. In the second half of grade 11, Maggie took the IELTS test for the first time and got a total score of 7.5! In terms of personal qualities, Multintel Education arranged for Maggie to participate in the "Soft Power Development Project". After a period of training and exercise, Maggie gradually became lively and talkative. When she graduated, she not only had a solid academic foundation, but also had extensive knowledge and a broad vision, and she had established the direction of pursuing visual arts as a career.