Mathematics Potential Development Planning

Peihong Z - Grade 9

Planning program: Mathematics Potential Development Planning

Peihong is a very humorous and cheerful student. Peihong enjoys very good family education, and his parents have provided him with the best possible environment. Peihong is polite,motivated, and has a clear goal. Before coming to Vancouver, he participated in many tutoring classes in Beijing, including Olympiad math class, but for some reason, his foundation in mathematics was not well established, and there were still many loopholes in knowledge and thinking skills. Peihong’s mother knows his child well and can point out where his problems lie. After our diagnosis and evaluation of Peihong, Peihong’s problems were confirmed. So we formulated a mathematical potential development plan that aimed at higher goals: breadth, depth, thinking skills, entrance exams, and calculus study. After 80 hours of efficient teaching and effective training in mathematics, Peihong completely achieved perfection! He got a perfect score in the math sections of his first SAT test! Proud and happy for Peihong!