Skill Level



Subject Diagnostic Assessments

One of the important features of the Multintel Education planning services is its unique diagnostic evaluation method and system for mathematics and English. The system uses comprehensive testing procedures designed for students in grades 8-12. It tests for: 

  • Mathematics skills and knowledge
  • Potentials for math learning
  • Weaknesses and strengths in understanding, reasoning, application, and creation
  • English proficiency
  • Level of mastery of concepts 
  • Complexity and variety of functions and structures
  • Clarity and coherence of expressions and writing
  • Potentials in English development

We use these tests to give us a benchmark reference point. This allows us to put together academic plans for our students. They also help parents fully understand the true educational standing of their children upon entry into our program.


The Holistic Education Assessment is another evaluation system designed by Multintel Education. It provides an important basis when planning for our students. It is different from the subject diagnosis but uses the subject diagnosis as an important reference point. 

In this evaluation system, we measure multiple factors, including: 

  • School academic performance
  • Study habits
  • Motivation
  • Learning potential
  • Observation and analysis ability
  • Memory based on logic 
  • Spatial thinking
  • Logical reasoning ability
  • Language proficiency
  • Potential interests and specialties

A holistic education assessment is how we review the individual development of our students. It allows students to understand their strengths and weaknesses, so they can form their development goals. It also enables students and parents to come to decisions about the future. It provides important information to know about oneself when choosing a university vocation and when forming life paths.



According to Harvard professor Howard Gardner, mankind has eight intelligences (though, some scholars advocate for a 9th category). These are: 

  • Linguistic intelligence
  • Logical and mathematical intelligence
  • Visual-spatial intelligence
  • Interpersonal intelligence
  • Intrapersonal intelligence
  • Bodily kinesthetic intelligence
  • Musical intelligence
  • Natural-life intelligence 

Multintel Education’s founder Dr. Liu has used the Theory of Multiple Intelligences as guidance in his 20+ years of educational practice. He has continuously innovated this theory, especially in the categories of logical, mathematical intelligence, and linguistic intelligence.

 Dr. Liu’s method plays a unique role in training students’

  • Overall observation ability
  • Symbolic analysis
  • Spatial imagination
  • Logical reasoning
  • Mental language mechanisms


Our mathematics ability development program distinguishes from mere math tutoring. Its purpose is to develop the background abilities related to the understanding of mathematics. The program encompasses three “tracks” (or, sub-programs) that we offer to our students. They are:

  • Mathematics genius cultivation
  • Mathematics fast track
  • Mathematics ability development plan


ELL Fast Track

The ELL Fast Track is a program designed to develop students’ comprehensive English proficiency. It is especially useful for those who come to Canada to study later in childhood (in grade 7 or above). It is a course that has been tested for more than 20 years in our teaching practice. It improves the efficiency of English language learning, thus laying a solid foundation that can benefit students for life.


Adolescence is a special period of development for students as they transition to adulthood. During this time, students’ physical, psychological, and behavioral problems can occur unexpectedly. This poses various challenges for school and family life. Bad study habits, poor self-management skills, inefficient time management skills, learning fatigue, and even mental conditions (like Autism spectrum disorder or depression) can form simultaneously. 

At Multintel Education, a professional instructor provides psychological counseling for children with these problems. We provide habit-formation and learning skills training. We also teach kids to speak and communicate properly.


The Y+MBA program is a business decision-making course. The purpose of the course is to nurture young students’ interest in entrepreneurial and business decision-making. They come to understand the nature of business and learn the macro and micro factors that affect company decisions. They pick up on innovative thinking, dialectical analysis, and decision-making skills well before they enter a real commercial workplace.